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Summer Break

Femacy Summer Break 👙

The Femacy shop is going on a summer break and will be temporarily closed.

But that doesn't mean we're giving your health and wellbeing a break too 😉💛 While we’re working on a new shop behind the scenes, you can still find us on Instagram @thefemacy and check out our blog for some female health and wellbeing inspo 🙌🏼🙌🏽🙌🏿

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5 reasons why you should not ask:

“Why are you so bitchy? Are you on your period?”

This is a guide for partners or friends of people who are on their period. Because those who menstruate often have to listen to comments that are almost as great of a pain as their own uterus. Here are 5 reasons to not be that person and become a bloody buddy instead.


Phar-men-ceuticals and the story of Viagra

Since hitting the markets in 1998, Viagra, the world’s leading erectile dysfunction pill, has been synonymous with vigorous growth. It is so influential that the US Military allocates approximately $41.6 million for it in their annual budget and almost 8 million prescriptions are written for it each year.

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Make your next period green!

Sustainability is not just the word du jour, but also, the present and future of how we eat, travel and spend. Yet, there is one topic that can fly under radar when it comes to living more sustainably: our periods. And boy does that add up…

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Tampons, pads and bling bling

The more bling-bling the better; status symbols are essential for street credibility. But what if it's not the Tesla or diamond necklace that represents your bank account, but a tampon?

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Your period is as dramatic as Gossip Girl?

Find the right products for you and your period!

Learn All About the Menstrual Cycle

Cycle phases, hormones and more. Here you'll learn what's really going on in your body and how your cycle can become your new superpower!

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