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Menstrual Cycle Explained – Feeling Myself In The Proliferation Phase

  • by Clara Marschall

It's springtime, ladies! So finally, you can banish your thermal underwear and wool socks into the depths of your closet. The days are getting longer, the sun comes out more often and everything’s starting to bloom. If there's one menstrual cycle phase that reminds us of this time, it's the time before ovulation also known as the proliferation phase.

Remember, in this phase your estrogen levels rise to new heights and that’s accompanied by some real nice side effects. To understand why your estrogen rises and how that affects you let's take another look at the underlying processes in the body:

After your period, the follicle-stimulating hormone causes several follicles to grow, the most dominant will prevail and continue to grow. This follicle then starts to produce estrogen, which in return prepares the uterus and stimulates the luteinizing hormone. Finally, the increase in luteinizing hormone leads to the main event in the cycle, the release of an egg (aka. your ovulation!). So how come estrogen is kinda like your bubbly friend who's always in a great mood? Rising estrogen levels boost the activating messengers in the body, while decreasing fatiguing and inhibiting messengers.

Estrogen is thought to increase serotonin levels, and serotonin has a mood-regulating and calming effect.

Estrogen also promotes blood flow and moisture secretion in the vaginal area. This makes the consistency of the vaginal secretion around ovulation more fluid - you could also say more slidable... Makes sense as your body is preparing for a possible pregnancy during this time and whips out a few of its special tricks! Estrogens are also said to have a lust-promoting effect so it’s no surprise if you’re particularly horny during this time.

So, for most of us, spring is the top moment of our cycle. Here are our top tips on how to get the most out of this time: 

  1. "Feeling myself, I'm feeling myself" by Nicki Minaj the soundtrack of the proliferation phase. Your mood is amazing, you feel invincible, and your natural glow looks like you just applied Sephora’s Nr.1 highlighter? Then don’t lose any time and ride that estrogen wave! Any plans that require extra energy and confidence are perfect for spring. Dating, meeting new people, parties? Now's the time!
  1. Spring is the perfect time to take your fitness game to the next level! After all, if you feel energized and balanced, you'll work out better. It's best to schedule intense workouts during this time - Pamela Reif hello! And did you know that you burn the least energy in the phase before your ovulation? An intensive workout can counteract the slower metabolism.
  1. Ever wondered why sometimes you have less appetite than usual?  Well, this could be due to your hormones. Estrogens, for example, can reduce your appetite and help you feel fuller faster. If you've been thinking about starting a new healthy eating plan or detox (always make sure it’s safe!), now’s the time.

  1. Lower appetite + more energy = your best bet for light meals rich in vegetables, as well as antioxidant-rich fruits. The latter can help increase glutathione levels and support the liver in its natural detoxification process. Sex hormones are in fact broken down in the liver, which is why it’s involved in optimal hormone balance. A perfect add-on to the diet: Probiotic foods - that is, sprouted and fermented foods. They can optimize the rise of estrogen and FSH and help balance hormones.

So, Ladies: if you haven't already, make sure to mark spring in your calendars - it's worth it, we promise! And for now we say bye-bye until the next time, where it's about your inner summer, the ovulation.





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