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Pregnancy Products

Period Power Products

Organic Tampons from The Female Company
Divine Menstrual Cups
Period Panty from The Female Company
Apricot Beauty Pimple Patches
Organic Pads from The Female Company
Intimina Ziggy Cup
Skingood Garden Menstrual Body Elixir
Skingood Garden Hormony Body Seeds
Depuravita Probiotic Chocolate
L-Complex Hormone Balance
Clean Beauty Concept Gua Sha
Vita Et Natura Organic "Zyklustee 1" Tea
Intimina Laselle: Exercises for Down-Under
Vita Et Natura Organic "Zyklustee 2" Tea
Womanizer Premium Eco
Organic Liners from The Female Company
Astis Vitality Sleep Oil
Ogaenics Calm A Lama Plant-Based Magnesium
Skingood Garden Sleep Elixer
L-Complex Clean Me Powder
Intimina Feminine Moisturizer
Vita Et Natura Organic "Nestreiniger" Tea
Hottie: Heat Pillow from The Female Company
Astis Vitality Sleep Drops
Ogaenics Feed Your Blood Blood Building Komplex
La Gemmes Yoni Egg
Period Panty High Waist from The Female Company
Intimina KegelSmart: Pelvic Floor Trainer
Astis Vitality Health-Aging Cream Women
Depuravita Feed and Fit
The Bloody Tampon Shirt
The Tampon Necklace

Delivered to your doorstep

Say NO to last minute drugstore runs and make the most of your spare time (like, eat some cake, take a power nap or pour yourself that well-deserved drink)

Something for the planet

Explore eco-friendly wellness products with a social cause you can brag about at a table full of do-gooders (we love you guys!)

High on high quality

Make no compromises when it comes to product quality, innovation and design (and treat yourself like the queen you are)