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We need more open minds to close the gender health gap

It's 2021, but taboos surrounding women and their health are still better off than the Gender Health Gap. Apparently, our health system is allergic to women, so it's time to break free! Time to break with the taboos, stereotypes and the idea that the female body is “too complicated” for medical studies and clinical trials.

We are a company made by women for women, committed to fight for true equality in health and to get rid of taboos in our society. It is our mission for you to feel healthy every day. Whether you are menstruating or going through menopause, we want to promote your sexual well-being, address your fertility, accompany your pregnancy and help you to find the right skincare routine. Become part of our community and rediscover your health with the Femacy!

Women's Health is not an afterthought, it affects half of humanity. Nevertheless, innovations for this often stigmatized topic are just as rare as a female manager on the board of football clubs. There is still a lot to do, so viva la vulva!

Hey! I'm Patricia. I founded the Femacy to close the gender health gap and work together with partners to empower women to feel healthy every day.

With the Femacy, I want to tackle the taboos and prejudices, create awareness for the gender health gap and give a new perspective on women and their health with inspiring founders that believe the same.

Your period is as dramatic as Gossip Girl?

Find the right products for you and your period!

We’re every woman

By women for women - the Femacy not only supports you, but also other female health start-ups across the globe

Full female cycle

At the Femacy, you will find everything you need: from the first period to the last - and beyond

High on high quality

No compromises when it comes to product quality, innovation and our planet (and treat yourself like the queen you are)