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Did you know that around 30% of breastfeeding moms complain of sore, cracked or even bloody nipples at the beginning of breastfeeding? If you feel the same way, you're not alone! During breastfeeding, our nipples are under a lot of strain, and unfortunately, these highly sensitive body parts can quickly get forgotten about. Time to give our nipples a little extra care!

With the nipple pads from Apricot Beauty we have found just the right thing for you: Natural aloe vera provides protection and intense hydration, not only actively preventing sore nipples, but also accelerating the healing process. Best of all: With the Apricot Nipple Pads, you can celebrate a new self-care ritual: simply apply the pads every evening after breastfeeding and reuse up to 30 times.

For lasting hydration and super soft nipples during and after breast-feeding, we recommend the Apricot Beauty Nipple Pads in combo with the HATCH Nipple + Lip Rescue Balm.

How to Use

Before usage, make sure that your nipples and the area around them are dry and clean. Carefully remove the Apricot Beauty Nipple Pads and gently apply them with the adhesive side towards your breast, leaving it on for about an hour.

Repeat this process regularly to get your skin used to this product. To ensure safe storage of your nipple pads, you can place them in the enclosed sachet bag until next use. In order to use the pads as long as possible, preferably up to 30 times, clean them every now and then with mild soap and let them air dry.

About Apricot Beauty

Who's familiar with dealing with everyday beauty struggles, but hasn't found a remedy or solution that helps in the long run? We're talking about issues ranging from breakouts to dry skin. Apricot Beauty has been founded for tackling beauty concerns just like these! Established in 2014 in Munich, Apricot manufactures their products in Germany with long-time partners. You'll be happy to know that they keep their beauty line vegan, cruelty-free and clinically tested.

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