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Up to half of women have experienced symptoms from hormone imbalances - it's even more common when we go through menopause. Some of the changes we've got to wrestle with include trouble sleeping, hot flashes, mood swings, irrregular bleeding, tender breasts, low libido and tired skin.

No joke, many women decide for prescription drugs for hormonal therapies - however, the Health-Aging Cream Women by Astis Vitaliy provides natural hormone extracts that may help with hormonal imbalances and their symptoms.

The Astis Health-Aging Cream Women is a soft and nourishing body cream for supporting our body with hormonal imbalances. Ingredients of papaya seed oil, calendula, St. John's Wort and more work together to keep the body's skin hydrated and protected. Meanwhile, hormone extracts of estrogen and progesterone can help to improve pesky symptoms with regular use.

Try pairing with a nutrition supplement to help with hormone imbalances like Skingood Garden Hormony Body Seeds.

How to Use

Apply a layer to cleansed skin on the shoulder and on the belly - the best areas for the cream to enter your bloodstream! The cream will melt into your skin and will work from the inside out. This is due to the fact that our pores breathe as well and are capable of absorbing and transmitting highly effective ingredients into our system. 

Just like we take a daily vitamin pill, we recommend to repeat this treatment daily - regular use is important for the best results.

About Astis Vitality

For Astis Vitality, real luxury is indulging in amazing ingredients that are kind to our body, skin and the planet. They’re making luxury a reality - the family-owned company develops natural skincare and wellness products with cutting-edge technology and active ingredients in their own laboratory in the Netherlands.

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If you have any questions about the product or simply want to say hi, you can always drop Victoria a message at Victoria is one of our badass superwomen who would give the last tampon from her purse to answer your questions or concerns!

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