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Say hello to the three gal pals who are there to support us, whatever life decides to throw our way! Increased anxiety, sleep problems and poor eating habits can all be common side effects of extra stress in our life, whether from a new quarantine or tight deadlines at the office. When the diet and lifestyle suffer it can be difficult for essential nutrients to be absorbed and our body to truly rest. The three nutrition buddies in Biocol Labs Quarantine Health Pack are specially formulated to give our body the help it needs.

Biocol Labs herbal and vitamin-packed supplements give your body essential support to carry out its natural processes - whether it's better sleep, detoxification from toxins and pollutants or stronger immune power. Something for Dreaming is an oral spray that helps you wind down and fall asleep better. Something for Immunity is a super boost for your immune system containing Echinacea and Selenium. Something for a Detox Week supports the liver in its natural function and can contribute to a better breakdown of harmful substances that can be absorbed through food.

If you've also got your tummy in a twist, try Biocol Labs Something for the Bloated Tums.

How to Use

Something for a Detox & Something for Immunity: Take one ampoule each morning with your breakfast over a period of seven days. You can drink it pure or mix it with water/juice. Biocol Labs recommends the Detox regimen in combination with a plant-based, whole food diet to get the most out of it.  
Something for Dreaming: Take two sprays orally before going to sleep. For relaxing, take one spray during the day. 

Biocol Labs Detox ampoules are made of glass. Be extra careful when opening the ampoules! 

1) To open the ampoules, first place a paper towel around the neck of the ampoule and place another thicker kitchen towel on top of it, creating a secure barrier between the glass and your skin. 
2) Only then carefully break open the ampoule with a little pressure. 
3) Then hold the opened side of the ampoule over a glass before opening the other side of the ampoule in the same way. Once the second side has been opened, the contents will flow out. 

Drop it like it's hot

If you have any questions about the product or simply want to say hi, you can always drop Victoria a message at Victoria is one of our badass superwomen who would give the last tampon from her purse to answer your questions or concerns!

About Biocol Labs

Biocol Labs believes that nature can be the answer for some of our common health concerns. Founded by Natalia and Gualdim Redol in Portugal, the family business has always lived a forward-thinking approach and provides plant-based and chemical-free remedies to women - an area often neglected in the traditional healthcare system. It is based on the belief that natural supplements are sometimes the key to better health and well-being. Their supplements, featuring selected ingredients, have been developed and perfected to support the body and protect it from environmental influences and stress factors. 

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