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The range of possible cycle complaints is wide: from an irregular cycle, to abdominal pain, PMS symptoms, weight gain to skin problems and sleep problems. Who hasn't experienced at least one of these? To make life easier for menstruators, Chammi has been tinkering with a solution for typical cycle complaints. The result is a capsule with a unique combination of 17 vital substances, which is specially adapted to the needs of menstruators. The active ingredients are based on high-quality scientific studies and research that show the effectiveness of micronutrients for menstrual cramps.

Taking two Happy Days capsules from Chammi daily - one week before your period for 10 days - will give your body the ultimate support for a balanced cycle. The micronutrients included have been specially selected to positively influence symptoms such as mood swings, skin problems, cravings, cramps and mood changes before and during your period. What's special: Chammi Happy Days has been specially formulated so that you don't have to take the capsules every single day of your cycle to help ease symptoms - saving you the hassle and some cash!

Craving chocolate pre-period? Try the vegan and hormone-friendly femchoc by fembites: Cycle Chocolate.

How to Use

Take one capsule in the morning and one at noon daily with a glass of water with a meal. Take it for at least one week before the onset of your period for a total of 10 days (i.e. 7 days before your period and 3 days during your period).

Important: Happy Days contains herbal adaptogens, which should be taken for about 3 months, i.e. three cycles, for their full effect. 

Tip: In case of very severe discomfort, you can also take two capsules of Happy Days daily without taking a break, for example, if you have an irregular cycle. 

About Chammi

Chammi's mission is to celebrate periods! They aim to enable menstruators to be happy and unstoppable throughout their cycle. Without stress, pain and ice cream - well, maybe with ice cream. That's why everything about Chammi is sound and well thought out from A to Z: every ingredient Chammi uses has been selected based on over 800 scientific sources to ensure maximum effectiveness. Chammi is also made in Germany and comes in 100% carton packaging with no hidden aluminum in the bottom or rim and no plastic lids, glue or varnish in the can. A nice highlight: with every purchase, one euro is donated to WEpads for women in South Africa to fight period poverty. 

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If you have any questions about the product or simply want to say hi, you can always drop Victoria a message at Victoria is one of our badass superwomen who would give the last tampon from her purse to answer your questions or concerns!

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