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Getting stronger is more than what weights we're lifting at the gym - it's also what we're lifting in our spoons during meals! Healthy nutrition can help with recovery after exercise, preparing for the next session and keeping in good health. That's why Depuravita has developed a nutrition powder that'll provide support during your fitness journey.

Kick out unhealthy cravings with Depuravita Feed and Fit. Moringa and Acai are known for their strong anti-inflammatory effects - which makes these two berries great for both boosting the immune system and keeping in shape. What's more, Acai provides fat-burning power and Moringa helps to accelerate the metabolism. Why these two make for an all-natural fitness supplement.

How to Use

Add 5g of Depuravita Feed and Fit with a measuring cup into your juice, yogurt, smoothie or whatever you’re craving. Shake and drink - ideally daily in the morning!

Drop it like it's hot

If you have any questions about the product or simply want to say hi, you can always drop Victoria a message at Victoria is one of our badass superwomen who would give the last tampon from her purse to answer your questions or concerns!

About Depuravita

After living in cities from New York to Milan, Sandra Nassima knows the importance of protecting the mind and body from the toxins and stress associated with hustle of urban life. That's why she launched Depuravita, a clean beauty and detox brand that provides natural and organic elixirs, cleanses and supplements that combine skincare, nutrition and wellness, under the aegis of Ayurvedic, holistic philosophies. Even better, Depuravita farms its own fruit and vegetable ingredients on the edge of the Italian Alps.

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Delivered to your doorstep

Say NO to last minute drugstore runs and make the most of your spare time (like, eat some cake, take a power nap or pour yourself that well-deserved drink)

Something for the planet

Explore eco-friendly wellness products with a social cause you can brag about at a table full of do-gooders (we love you guys!)

High on high quality

Make no compromises when it comes to product quality, innovation and design (and treat yourself like the queen you are)