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Across one's lifetime, 11.000 sanitary items can end up in the trash can from menstruation, generating 200.000 tonnes of waste per year from single-use period products.

With Divine, there is a more eco-friendly and cost-saving solution. The menstruation cups can not only be used up to 10 years (that's almost 1/3 of the approx. 38 years of menstruation we have on average) but they are also locally made in Germany, come without a plastic wrap and are kind to our planet.

How do you choose the correct menstrual cup size? By checking your cervix! Your cervix is located between your vagina and uterus. A low cervix or high cervix along with your period flow will determine the best cup size.

Step 1: Because your cervix changes position throughout your cycle, wait until the days before or during your period (when you'll be wearing a cup) to measure it.

Step 2: With clean hands, insert two fingers into your vagina. Move your fingers up until you feel a high-up, round ball - this is your cervix.

Step 3: Take note of how far your hand has gone up. Measure the distance by which knuckle on your hand is inserted into your vagina when you touch your cervix.

Small Cup
You can touch it at the 1st knuckle: You have a low cervix and a light to normal flow.

Medium Cup
Can touch it at the 2nd knuckle: You have a medium cervix and a light to normal flow.

Large Cup
Can touch it at the end of your hand or can't touch it at all (common after pregnancies).You have a high cervix and a normal to heavier flow (or were pregnant before).

How to Use

Always wash your hands before touching the Divine Cup. Before using it for the first time, you should disinfect the Divine Cup: place it in a pot of boiling water for 3 minutes. So that the cup does not melt on the bottom of the pot, you can stick it in the grid of a whisk and place the whisk with the cup in the boiling water. 

Before each use, check whether your Divine Cup is in perfect condition. Replace it with a new Divine Cup in the event of the smallest defects.

The Divine Cup is best introduced while crouching. To do this, it must be folded - you can quickly find your preferred folding technique by trying it out. Now insert the Divine Cup, folded side first, into the vagina. 

It should just not be too close to the vaginal opening, otherwise it could disturb you while you are sitting. Check whether the Divine Cup has unfolded completely by running your fingers along it from below. 

You can wear it at night without any problems, but for a maximum of 10 hours at a time. After use, disinfect your Divine Cup in boiling water.

About Divine

Divine was born in Baden-Württemberg as a passion project between the two founders, Tobias and Andreas. Tobias had heard of his wife's struggles with finding the perfect quality menstrual cup. He had an idea, why not design one for her? Divine's products are all manufactured and produced today in Baden-Württemberg with a focus on sustainability and transparency.

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