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Only one third of women sleep a total of seven to nine hours a night, which is the recommended amount. But we know with all the daily stress, sometimes this just isn't feasible. Not to mention, our menstrual cycle (PMS!), pregnancy and menopause can spoil a good night's sleep too! Our skin tends to suffer with us after too little sleep as well.

Faace Tired Face Mask is there for you on these mornings. To give your skin a wake up call and add a little glow. Caffeine (because your skin needs its morning boost too), aloe vera, vitamin C and rosehip work together to add a bit more brightness and help you feel like yourself, ready to take on the day.

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How to Use

Your faace, your rules - so apply as often as you think you need the Faace Tired Face Mask. Use it in a thin layer as a light weight leave-on mask morning or night! When you need a heavier mask, apply a thick layer for 20 minutes and leave on overnight for the best results. The formula sinks into your skin quickly so no worries if you are slapping it on before your makeup or passing out in bed.

About Faace

After Jasmine Wicks Stephens had her first son and could barely brush her teeth at night due to exhaustion, she knew a 5 step skincare routine was not possible. She needed something she could slap on her face without looking in the mirror and could trust it to do its job. And Faace was born! Rather than focusing on the end result, the products say exactly which faace they are for: period, sweaty, menopause and tired. All the products are vegan, organic, naturally derived and never tested on animals. Now it is easier than ever to put your best Faace forward. 

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