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The symptothermal method for determining ovulation and (in)fertile days is based on consistent observation of physical symptoms. The waking temperature, cervical mucus and the position of the cervix are measured and observed. To reliably track temperature changes, the temperature should be taken at the same time each day after waking up.

This requires a lot of consistency and isn't always stress-free. But don't worry, the femSense fertility and cycle tracker makes it easy for you! The smart femSense sensor patch with integrated NFC chip measures your body temperature up to 1.000 times a day and you only need to read it twice a day with your cell phone. Super easy! Plus, you only need to wear it up to 7 days per cycle.

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How to Use

When the femSense app tells you to apply the patch, cleanse your skin with non-greasy soap or shower gel and dry the underarm area thoroughly. You can also clean the patch with a disinfectant wipe. Please make sure not to use deodorant or body lotion before applying the patch, as this can reduce the adhesive strength.

Apply the patch
To apply the patch, relax your shoulder, place your hand on your hip and place 3 fingers in your armpit to determine the adhesive position. Remove the small part of the adhesive backing and fix the patch with the small adhesive area. Before applying the patch, place your hand your hand back to your hip and relax your shoulder. The patch should be applied so that it is centered between your chest and back, and the top edge of the patch is three fingers wide under your armpit. Please glue the patch so that the round sides are facing up and down. Make sure that your shoulder is in a relaxed position and your hand is on your hip while applying the patch. Then fold the patch over the edge and remove the remaining part of the adhesive backing. Smear the patch well on all sides.

Launch the patch
In the femSense app, tap "Read Patch" and hold the back of your smartphone steady on the center of the patch for a few seconds to activate it. A vibration will confirm successful activation. 

Read the patch
Once started, you should read the patch twice a day to get updates on your fertility status and ovulation. To do this, tap on "Today" in the quick menu of the femSense app, tap on "Read patch" and hold the smartphone on the patch as described in point 3 (Launch the patch). Your temperature data will be read out by the patch and it will be displayed whether your ovulation was detected. You can also read out the patch several times a day.

You can download the complete manual here.

About femSense

femSense aims to provide women with the best possible support in cycle monitoring and ovulation detection with the help of innovative products. This is made possible by the combination of precise, state-of-the-art measurement technology with scientific findings. femSense offers a simple but reliable method for determining fertile days. The interdisciplinary team was able to gain decades of experience in the development of medical products and with the femSense fertility & cycle tracker, they pass on their knowledge to us - thank you!


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