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Castor oil has made it to the top of the hair care market. But how come? The oil is extremely moisturizing and can therefore keep the hair healthy and smooth. This can reduce breakage and make the hair appear much thicker. In addition, castor oil penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, where the hair roots are additionally strengthened. Especially due to hormone-induced hair loss the haerb holy hair oil may help to smooth the hair structure and support hair growth.

The contained rosemary is said to have a circulation-enhancing effect. Lemongrass is said to strengthen, while cedar may help with regeneration. In combination with the essential oils, the haerb holy hair hair oil is an intensively nourishing and at the same time soothing must for your self-care routine.

For best results, combine with haerb strong and silky herbal conditioner.


How to Use

Due to the ultra-rich ingredients, you can use the hair oil very sparingly.
Application as a finish
After shampooing, distribute a few drops of the oil in the slightly damp hair lengths and tips and massage gently. For long, or particularly brittle hair, you can also use the oil in the dry tips. 

Use as a hair mask
About 30 minutes before shampooing, spread a few drops of the oil on the scalp and massage down to the tips. Leave on until shampooing.
For even more intensive care, leave the oil in the hair overnight. To be on the safe side, put a towel on your pillow and wash your hair normally the next morning.


About haerb

Haerb puts a contemporary spin on the learnings from medical herbalism and offers a collection of plant-powered products that can be integrated into our everyday lives in a modern way. For the development of the products, founder Sophia has applied her expertise gained from years of working as a herbalist. The result are high quality, effective organic blends that enable greater well-being and self-care. Haerb's beneficial self-care rituals promote our health and beauty from the inside out, with an incredible everyday wellness effect. 

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