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Oxymel can sound kind of obscure at first, but it is a well-tried and natural remedy. A Greek word that stands for "sour honey", Oxymel is a mixture of vinegar and honey that was thought to have medicinal benefits in ancient Greece. The Greek physician Hippocrates reported that this drink was helpful for flatulence and respiratory problems. And now kruut is giving Oxymel a modern makeover.

In addition to organic acacia honey and naturally cloudy apple cider vinegar, wild herbs from Germany are added to kruut's Oxymels. They are made by hand in small production and of course everything is 100% organic and regional. The best part, with the kruut Organic Wild Herb Extract Tasting Set, you can try each flavor of Power, Calm and Wellbeing. Just add a spoonful of Oxymel to your water and voilà!

How to Use

Shake the bottle of kruut Oxymel before use. Then simply mix 1 tablespoon of the Oxymel with a glass of water. Enjoy! 

Never heat the Oxymel or mix it with water above 40 degrees Celsius, otherwise the nutrients will be lost. 
The Power Oxymel can be taken throughout the day.
The Wellbeing Oxymel from kruut is best taken in the morning on an empty stomach or after a meal.
The Calm Oxymel is great to come down or before bedtime.

About kruut

Let's be honest: Why ship superfoods around the globe when they're right on our doorstep? That's exactly what the Berlin-based team at kruut thought and made it their mission to spread the knowledge about the nutritional content of native wild plants. With recipes based on millennia-old knowledge of herbal medicine, power wild herbs are needed back into modern everyday life. In doing so, kruut focuses on fair and regional and non-industrial production with certified organic ingredients. The result is nutrient-rich and tasty tinctures that allow you to easily integrate the power of nature into your everyday life. 

Drop it like it’s hot

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