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Reduced levels of estrogen mean that vaginal problems may arise during or after menopause like vaginal itching (vulvar pruritus) or vaginal dryness (vaginal atrophy or atrophic vaginitis). They are common menopause symptoms, where the vaginal tissues are drier and thinner than usual. It may also make sex more painful.

But don't worry, you are not alone! And there are multiple ways to moisturize down-under. To prevent painful sex or to treat vaginal dryness, Loovara's Menopause Lube FSK 50 is pH-opimized and targets menopausal symptoms. Just use it before and during sex as well as any time in between for some extra moisture down-under.

Help target hormonal changes from menopause with the Astis Health-Aging Women Cream.

How to use

Apply the gel to your fingertips and massage onto your clitoris, vagina and intimate area.

About Loovara

Loovara is a German brand that is all about feeling good. And so that it feels really good, Loovara designs unique, high-quality sex products for fun in the sheets that meet the highest quality standards. Many of their products are free of micro-plastics and are based on purely natural ingredients - like their vegan and fair trade rubber condoms. For good sex and a clear conscience!

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