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Moisturisers provide hydration that is essential to our skin - they're a non-negotiable step for a healthy skincare routine! But if you're looking to give some extra nourishment, especially with active ingredients like hyaluronic acid deep within the skin's layers, serums are the new bestie for your moisturizer. After all, these two gals should be working together, not replacing the other.

Here's one bestie your moisturizer will be happy to sit next to on your bathroom counter. MIELĒV Advanced Concentrate HA Serum can help to firm the skin and reduce the appearance of some of our unwanted love marks like fine lines and dark spots. Some of its luxurious ingredients working to reverse damage done to the skin from daily life include Black Truffle Extract, Bilberry Niosomes and Hyaluronic Acid. Highly concentrated prebiotics add the extra nourishment for your skin's microbiome for healthy looking skin.

One final bonus: the serum can be also used for the sensitive eye area!

Pair it with the MIELĒV Eye Wonder Cream for extra care under the eyes.

How to Use

Apply 2-3 drops day and/ or evening onto cleansed skin. Massage in gently the MIELĒV Advanced Concentrate HA Serum using upwards motions until fully absorbed.

Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive and unbalanced skin.

Pair it with the MIELĒV Eye Wonder Cream for extra care under the eyes.


Founder of MIELĒV, Marialena Baklatzi, first started producing creams for just herself. Now, everyone can benefit from her one-of-a-kind prebiotic skincare line based in Greece. All of MIELĒV products are designed to work with the skin's microbiome - the major barrier of microorganisms that protect our skin and body. What's more, their green beauty concept ensures the use of plant-derived and organic ingredients, cruelty-free processes and sustainable packaging and sourcing.

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