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Shakespeare once wrote that the eyes are the windows to your soul. And when it comes to our health, the eyes are the windows to how well we’re taking care of our bodies. In fact, eye skin is a good indicator of how we're treating our skin, but this area and its specific needs often get overlooked. As a result, eyes can become dry or sagging without the right hydration. MIELĒV Eye Wonder Cream is a unique solution to care for all areas of the skin around our eyes including the eyelids.

Its unique formula with prebiotics hydrates and provides the extra protection your skin microbiome needs. Common Ivy Oil helps boost blood circulation, caffeine from Guarana extract and Green Tea Extract helps to improve under-eye water retention. Added bonus, an active blend of two herbal extracts: Acacia of Constantinople (Persian Silk Tree) and Siegesbeckia (known as the Holy Herb or St. Paul's Wort) can help reduce swlling and lift the upper eyelid.

Remove eye make-up with the gentle MIELĒV Pure Skin Natural Cleanser.

How to Use

For daily use in the morning and/or the evening. Using the tips of your fingers, gently pat around the entire eye area with the MIELĒV Eye Wonder Cream. Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive and unbalanced skin.

Remove eye make-up with the gentle MIELĒV Pure Skin Natural Cleanser.


Founder of MIELĒV, Marialena Baklatzi, first started producing creams for just herself. Now, everyone can benefit from her one-of-a-kind prebiotic skincare line based in Greece. All of MIELĒV products are designed to work with the skin's microbiome - the major barrier of microorganisms that protect our skin and body. What's more, their green beauty concept ensures the use of plant-derived and organic ingredients, cruelty-free processes and sustainable packaging and sourcing.

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