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Vulva and vagina are the same thing. True or False? Period blood consists only of blood. True or False? Is the egg produced again and again after each menstrual cycle? And when do you get your first period anyways? There are so many questions that the educational game OH WOMAN has answers for in a playful way. Discover your period, cycle and body together with your friends or partner over a bottle of wine or on the weekend with the whole family!

OH WOMAN is also an important game for sexual education for teenagers. Once puberty hits, the body starts to change. Everything is new and exciting, but can also be quite upsetting - and we can become more insecure about our own body. Additionally, if we lack knowledge about our bodies right from the start, we only increase our insecurity. Ignorance leads to self-doubt, self-doubt to shame, shame to silence and silence to a growing taboo in our society.

This is exactly where OH WOMAN comes in: this game is able to provide the security needed to start a dialogue about one's own body in a fun and playful way.

Together with the taboo-breaking and sustainable period products from The Female Company, you will feel good and do something good for the planet.

How to Play

Step 01
Find a second player and sit in front of each other. Each player has 4 "blood drops" distributed in their own six "vaginas" and a "pad" to the right.

Step 02
One player draws one of the cards and chooses a question from the categories "Myth" and "Basic". The other player must answer the question with "True" or "False".

Step 03
If the player answers the question correctly, he/she can take out all of the "blood drops" from one of his/her vaginas and fill one drop at a time counterclockwise into the other vaginas. If the question is answered incorrectly, the teammate must sit out a turn. The goal is to get as many drops of blood as possible into your own pad.

The game includes a DIN A5 game manual, but you can already watch the how-to video with the two founders Steffi and Tania here.


Spanish temperament meets Bavarian coolness - or vice versa: Spanish-born Tania and Munich-born Steffi founded the branding & design studio what the fish in 2019. Inspired by art, culture and the feminist movement, the two entrepreneurs developed OH WOMAN to advocate for early education around sexuality through play and fun and to encourage dialogue about the female body while breaking taboos surrounding women's health.

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