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You can think of the so-called G-spot more like a zone on the anterior vaginal wall. The G-zone contains far more nerve fibers than other area on the vaginal wall, that's because it's part of the clitoral network. Meaning that when you stimulate the G-spot, you're actually stimulating part of the clitoris. This is because it has various centimeters long "roots" that run inside along the labia and the vaginal entrance.

To feel the G zone, insert a finger a few inches into the vagina and sort of flip the fingertip inwards - once you feel a slightly rougher, textured area, you've made it! If G-zone stimulation feels good to you, a G-spot vibrator is absolutely ahhh-mazing. With the Smile Makers Tennis Pro you can pamper all your pleasure zones including the G-zone. The intense vibrations give you mind-blowing sensations and pleasure.

How to Use

To stimulate your G-zone, gently insert the Tennis Coach into the vagina, making sure the head is tilted against the inner vaginal wall (in the direction of your belly button). You can use a water-based lubricant to make insertion easier.

Stimulate different points and zones with the different intensity and vibration levels and discover where it feels best.  

Before and after use, clean the Smile Makers The Tennis Pro thoroughly with warm water and a suitable soap, then dry with a clean cloth. 

About Smile Makers

Smile Makers has a clear mission: to break the taboos around female sexuality and start a global, pleasure-positive conversation. Their beautifully designed, colorful vibrators offer the right fit for different people. They are produced based on the latest scientific findings in premium quality. And there's more: With their Vulva Talks, they team up with experts to educate and promote the sexual well-being of vulva owners. 

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