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Our cycle has a pre-ovulation and post-ovulation phase. During pre-ovulation our period comes with the uterus beginning to rebuild its lining after the old lining has been shed. Next, ovulation releases an egg into the uterus. This results in the post-ovulation phase where the body prepares for fertilization of the egg or for your next period.

Vita et Natura's ZYKLUSTEE 1 herbal tea helps to support your cycle's pre-ovulation phase. Start drinking on the first day of your period and switch to Vita Et Natura's ZYKLUSTEE 2 after ovulation has occurred until the next period. A perfect pairing!

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How to Use

Step 1
Pour one teaspoon (2 g) of tea leaves with 250ml of hot water around 100 ° C and let it steep for 8-12 minutes.

Step 2
If you like it sweet, you can sweeten it gently with a mild honey or raw sugar.

Step 3
Enjoy your tea! We recommend 3 cups of the blend throughout the day. Practical tip: brew a pot and drink it comfortably throughout the day.

About Vita Et Natura

Since 2010, Vita Et Natura has been producing special tea blends for women’s health in their tea factory based in Munich. Centuries-old European herbal recipes and traditions provide inspiration for their proven blends. Whether for balancing your menstrual cycle or assisting with your pregnancy journey, Vita Et Natura has a natural, certified-organic and sustainable tea solution. The best part, their teas come au natural and never include additives or preservatives. Time to pour a cup!

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