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Did you know that 1 in every 5 breastfeeding women experience mastitis? Mastitis, or an inflammation of the breast tissue. The breast tissue becomes painful and inflamed. Sometimes fever, chills and flu-like symptoms will also be present. A warm compress, breastfeeding on the affected side every 2 hours and massaging the area may help lessen the symptoms. If symptoms do not go away after 24 hours, contact your doctor.

Massaging the breast has the potential to increase milk flow, resolve blocked ducts and discourages breast engorgement according to an ever growing body of scientific research. When using your hands is too tiring, Alo Nursing Massager from We are Mamas is a good alternative. The milk flow can increase when the massager is glided from the outer area of the breast towards the nipple. By pressing the massager into the underside of the breast, the breast can be completely drained.

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How to use

Before using, sterilize the silicone item.

Choose which intensity and vibration feels best for you.

Glide the breast with a slight pressure, while moving towards the nipple.

Press into the underside of the breast to reach ducts.

About We are Mammas

We are Mammas is ready to hold your hand and be there for you, just like all good mammas, throughout your entire early motherhood adventure: pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding. The company is based out of Barcelona and passionate about creating effective, useful tools. Collaborating with lactation consultants, doulas, midwives and sexologists, the sustainable, high quality products offered will help ease you into motherhood.

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