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After giving birth, around 2-5 days, many women experience engorged or very full breasts which is due to the increase in milk supply. However, engorged breasts can lead to an infected, sore and painful breasts and experts recommend nursing, expressing or pumping every 2-3 hours. While nursing, pumping or expressing, the other breast tends to some times leak. We are Mammas provides an easy, hands free solution to catch leaking milk with their Breast Milk Collector.

Did you know that breast milk composition can change while a mother nurses her baby? While the composition is primarily water, carbohydrates, lipids and proteins, breast milk also contains micronutrients and bioactive components which help build the immune system of a baby, support their growth and keep them hydrated. A mother's body will respond to the child's current needs, time of day and other factors, and the amounts of each will fluctuate.

Tired of manually massaging to prevent mastitis? This might help We are Mammas Alo Nursing Massager.

How to use

Before using, sterilize the silicone item.

Forming a U shape, turn the top of your milk collector backwards.

Place milk collector on your breast and turn the backwards top towards your breast.

To create suction, squeeze the bottom.

Once milk halts, remove and store milk in a suitable container.

About We are Mammas

We are Mammas is ready to hold your hand and be there for you, just like all good mammas, throughout your entire early motherhood adventure: pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding. The company is based out of Barcelona and passionate about creating effective, useful tools. Collaborating with lactation consultants, doulas, midwives and sexologists, the sustainable, high quality products offered will help ease you into motherhood.

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